What do we study in Religious Education?

Whether or not you consider yourself to be a religious person, it is nonetheless true that since the beginning of time people have believed, worshipped and carried out rituals at key points in their lives. More importantly, religious thinkers have always asked fundamental questions, such as; 'What is the meaning of life?', or 'How do we explain injustice, or suffering?' It is fascinating to reflect upon how similarly, or differently, the five major world religions ask, and attempt to answer, such questions.  We also investigate the influence that religion has had on Law, Politics, War, Literature, and Culture - concepts of Good and Evil have impacted on human behaviour throughout time and continues to do so. More than ever, we live in a global and multi-cultural world, and this makes it hugely important that we learn to appreciate and understand each other's religious traditions. 

Years 7 & 8


A Level