What do we study in History?

The study of History fires curiosity and imagination in our learners. Engaging with the past helps us to understand the present. It helps learners to develop their own sense of identity through the study of family, national and international History. Students learn to analyse and evaluate evidence. They develop strong arguments and appreciate points of view - the skill of analysing opinions is called Interpretation, and in a world of soundbites and so-called 'fake news', such intelligent reading of sub-text and personal agenda is more important than ever. History prepares our learners for the world of work in many ways, and is well-respected by employers. The History department has worked with the local community, for example contributing to the Kineton Local History Society's Snapshot project and the development of learning activities with Chedham's Yard local history museum. We are also developing links with the History coordinators of some of our feeder Primary schools. 

Years 7 & 8


A Level