EU Referendum Debate at the University of Warwick

On the 20th of June, 2016, a debate regarding the EU referendum was held at Warwick University - hosted by students of the world-renowned Warwick University Debating Society. The debate started with three preliminary rounds, with each debate having four teams of two people. After these heats the four teams that scored highest moved into the final round which posed the ultimate motion; "This house would vote to leave the European Union".

The motions for the preliminary rounds were as follows:

  • 1. "This house would abolish referendums". Kineton A (Noah Wild and Gabriel Doe) scoring an early 1st place with Kineton B (myself and Isaac Dewhurst) scoring 3rd place.
  • 2. The second motion was "This house believes that Eurosceptic parties should not take up their seats in the EU parliament",  in which Kineton A scored 3rd and Kineton B scored 1st.
  • 3. "This house would send one European football team to the 2022 world cup instead of national teams" (something that I personally didn't have very strong opinions on, but luckily Isaac did) in which Kineton A took 4th place with Kineton B at 2nd putting Kineton B only 1 point off getting into the final round!  

However, whilst we were disappointed not to get through to the final, this did pose the slight advantage that both teams could give their full attention to judging the merits of the eight finalists! (Thankfully Kineton and the judges seemed to agree on most of the decisions - unlike at the Public Speaking final). I personally found it to be a very enjoyable day, with intriguing motions, brilliant speakers, a friendly reception, interesting company, and good food! The debates have certainly helped me solidify my opinions regarding the referendum, and it was a brilliant day to participate in and watch.

For anyone who has not yet come across debating then I would highly recommend it. It helps you to formulate opinions, and express your point of view. It helps with your confidence, your public speaking skills, and is also extremely useful for if you are in an argument!

Article written by Joshua Shortman