Special Events Archive

Once a special event or field trip has been on the main menu for a while, it's sensible to remove it to leave room for more up-to-date events.  Rather than consign them to history (erm ... no pun intended) we will consign them to an archive instead, and here it is.  Click on links below to see what we were doing in the past.
'State of the District' event at Stratford District Council
Chedham's Yard Virtual Museum (partnership activity)
Enrichment-Week Tudor Day
United Nations Debate 2010 
Who do you think we are? Year 8 Curriculum day 2010 
Krakow Field Trip 2010
6th Form pre-election Curriculum Day
Year 9 Curriculum Day 2009
Ironbridge Field Trip 2009 ... end of an era
Boy in the Striped Pyjamas 2009
Open Day 2009
Gallery of 2008 events
Gallery 2011
Gallery 2012
World War One Battlefields Trip 2014