Revise the Cuban Missile Crisis 1962

Behind today's door - a students' model of the Cuban Missile Crisis, because every now and then I need to remind myself that it isn't all about the exams and those end-of-term quizzes were fun. However, I must just say that no model beats the amazing "Evacuation from the US Embassy in Saigon" model by Amy, Joe, Joel & Alex - it had tanks, helicopters hanging from the ceiling, terrified people on balconies ... I still have a chopper on my whiteboard. Anyway -

The Cuban Missile Crisis 1962

Use your notes, revision guide, this very good youtube clip, or the website below to remind yourself of the course of events.

For an excellent interactive timeline of events ("Write a narrative to explain the Cuban Missile crisis" job done) click here.

The Cold War Questions are worth [8] marks.  Try any of these and upload them with the form on this page.

  • Explain the importance of the Cuban Missile Crisis in the development of relations between the USA and the USSR. (Markscheme)
  • Explain two consequences of the Cuban Missile Crisis. (Markscheme)
  • Write a narrative to explain the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. (Markscheme)  
Revision Practice