Civil Rights What can you infer from Source A?

Behind today's door - Ernest Green, because Year 11 can be stressful and exhausting for anyone, but Green passed all his exams in spite of daily racist bullying, regular TV appearances and the oppressive company of a military escort.  He's an inspiration!

Give two things you can infer from Source A about 'x'.

Remember the Markscheme.  These types of question are fairly easy, but you must makes sure your inference is supported by evidence from the source. Have a go at these sources:

Give two things you can infer from Source (A/B/C) about attitudes towards school integration. [4]

Source A: 

The front page of the St Louis Argus, published September 1957.

Source B: 

Recruiting and fund-raising flyer, published by the White Citizens Council of Dallas County, Alabama. 1959

Source C:

Photograph taken at a demonstration in Mississippi regarding the "Brown Ruling" of 1954.