Civil Rights How Useful are Sources A & B?

Source A:

"I'm Eight" a cartoon by Herblock published in 1962. 

Source B:

Newspaper photograph of James Meredith being accompanied to college by federal marshals in 1962. 

Civil Rights in the 1950s and 60s

Behind today's door - Mr Gowney-Hedges, because we've had a "Henry theme" recently.

Watch Mr Gowney-Hedges' video, pausing it now and then to predict what is important about each event, or to jot down some key revision you gained from it.

Then look at these two sources published in 1962.  Type an answer to the question below and upload it using the form on this page. (Markscheme)

How useful are sources A and B for an enquiry into progress in fair education? [8]

Revision Practice