Kingship & the Feudal System

Behind today's door - Richard I being crowned in Westminster Abbey in 1189. May you too be crowned with success (see Proverbs, chapter 4 ).

The nature of Medieval Kingship and the Feudal System

Revise the Roles & Duties of Medieval Kings.  Which roles do you think were most important? Think of an example in which either Richard I or John fulfilled those roles well or badly and jot it down.

Revise the Feudal System. Answer the following questions in note form:

  1. How did the system reward the Barons and keep them loyal?
  2. How did the system give the king an army?
  3. How did the system give knights an income?
  4. Did the Church play a part?
  5. How did the system control peasants?

Type an answer to the practice question below and upload it using the form on this page. (markscheme)


Describe two features of Medieval Kingship. [4]

Describe two features of the Feudal System. [4]


  • Baron
  • Fealty
  • Fief 
  • Homage
  • Knight's Service
  • Land Holding
  • Overlord
  • Scutage
  • Vassal

Revision Practice