Welcome To Kineton Humanities

Humanities is essentially the study of people - where we've come from, how we've impacted upon the world we live in, how we interact with one another, and how we continue to shape our environment. The subjects encompassed by Humanities are fascinating, relevant and useful, both to the individual student, and to society as a whole. Well-respected by universities and employers, Humanities involves the skills of data analysis, evidence interpretation, and supported written argument - for Geography and Psychology, a sound understanding of mathematics is also important.

The Humanities department at Kineton is vibrant, and includes plenty of enrichment opportunities (some past events can be found reported in our Archive). Things to look forward to in the academic year 2017-18 include Geography fields trips to measure river features and tourism and History field trips to a investigate a castle, a Victorian courtroom and Jack the Ripper's Whitechapel. An inter-subject visit to battlefields and cemetries is also on the cards, as well as some workshops to investigate the culture of Japan!  Humanities teachers also take a leading role in Kineton's debate and public speaking club, and we look forward to hosting a primary school BPD tournament this year, organised by our experienced debate students. Following on from the success of our Agincourt Museum created by Year 7 students to mark the 600th anniversary in 2015 (which came 2nd in a national competition run by The Historical Association), we also intend to work students from Wellesbourne Primary School to design another museum exhibition, so watch this space!

Kineton students in Years 7 and 8 are fortunate to study Geography, History and RE as distinct subjects taught by subject specialists, for four hours each fortnight (12 hours in total) - a luxury that is rare in British schools. We believe that this gives students an excellent grounding in the skills required for GCSE. At present, homework in Years 7 and 8 will continue to take the form of projects (Independent Learning Tasks), though we are currently considering how to develop or change the homework style to compliment the changes at GCSE level.  ILTs can be found on the Years 7&8 pages for each subject. GCSE homeworks are given out by each subject teacher once a week, and should take about one hour to complete to a good standard. This year, to help parents and carers instill a solid work ethic in our students, we are experimenting with publishing GCSE homeworks on this website - please feedback any thoughts you have on the success or failure of this experiment!

The Humanities staff are listed below: each may be contacted by email, using the address format - [email protected]

  • Mr M Davies, Learning Leader for Humanities
  • Mrs P Dharna, Assistant Learning Leader
  • Mr M Spicer, Assistant Learning Leader 
  • Mr S Bonfield
  • Mr H Gowney-Hedges
  • Mrs C Johnson
  • Mrs S Lovell
  • Mrs R McGrattan
  • Miss B Malloy
  • Mrs S. Rutherford-Edge
  • Mrs J Tabb