Revision for British Depth Study 1890-1918

This page is full of revision websites (scroll down).  OCR materials can be downloaded here
   1.  Your exam will be 1 hour 30 mins.  It will be a "document" paper, in other words there are several (usually about 6) questions about the mixture of historical sources printed in a booklet.  You do not need to select questions, but rather you ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS.  Write longer and more analytical answers for the higher-mark questions towards the end.
   2.  The exam in June will be on one topic from those we've studied.  The Liberal Reforms OR The Women's Suffrage Movement OR Propaganda and Public Control during World War One.  
   3.  To get a high grade you need to write about the sources themselves AND develop your answers by explaining with your OWN KNOWLEDGE.  Therefore you do need to revise for a document paper!
   4.  Useful revision sites:
bitesizebrit  this has a section called "1905-1918", of which you only need the first four titles, as we don't do the rise of the labour party, although I think it's still worth reading because it gives you an idea of how great a change there was in government attitudes around this time. 
learning curve  I recommend this site, because not only does it have sections on each of our topics (scroll down the page I sent you to until you find them), but MORE IMPORTANTLY it is all about analysing historical source material, so the kind of thinking it gets you to do sets you up for a document paper.
The first video is a powerpoint & lecture on the Liberal Reforms by a teacher and it's really clear and useful.  The next one is about the introduction of Old Age Pensions.
FOR WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE - (SUFFRAGE IS THE RIGHT TO VOTE, not anything to do with suffering)
Below is a basic account of the history of women's suffrage, and then a silent news film of the1913 Derby - not that useful for revision, but interesting.
histlearnpropThis historyLearning site explains about spin and ... well frankly, lying. My one reservation about this page is that the poster they use to show British attitudes towards Germany isn't British. Still, same idea.
Here is a clip from the famous 1916 silent film about the Battle of the Somme, posted by the Imperial War Museum, followed by a montage of propaganda to the tune of even more propaganda.
FOR the Defence Of the Realm Act -
Both these sites are very useful and have sections on munitions, rationing, propaganda etc. as well as DORA.